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El Cerrito Subfloor Installation

dark wood flooringSubfloor installation is the entire process of placing subfloors in any building. Subfloors are thick, flat planks usually made of wood that lie beneath the outermost floor level that touches our feet. Subfloors are one of the most important parts of a standard flooring system, as they are designed to stay attached to the skeleton of the floor and reinforce the floor covering enough to withstand continuous pressure.

The properties of a subfloor, from the way it was constructed to what it’s made of, determine how long your floor is expected to last. No matter how expensive or durable the material of your floor cover is, it won’t last with a weak or improperly installed subfloor. Our flooring company in El Cerrito, CA offers the full set of services anyone needs to install subfloors in any location, whether it may be personal spaces or commercial and business areas. Our experienced experts will provide fast and high-quality floor construction work at the fairest prices in El Cerrito.

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The Standard Floor System

install vinyl flooringThe complete floor systems include four main layers: joists, subfloor, underlayment, and the floor covering.

1. Joists
Joists are long planks placed parallel with each other to span a particular space. They are usually made of wood and are attached to major beams of the building. They are technically not a floor layer, but they add structure and support to the rest of the floor system. Joists aren’t necessary for concrete floor systems.

2. Subfloor
Typically made of wood or concrete, the subfloor serves as the foundation of the floor covering material. The subfloor is the thick and flat layer upon which the entire top floor rests.

3. Underlayment
The underlayment is mostly an optional layer in a floor system. They are added to provide a more leveled surface for the floor covering.

4. Floor covering
The floor covering is the level that we see and walk on. It is the most commonly modified part of a floor system and has the freest material requirements. It can be anything from stone and wood to linoleum and marble.

How important is a subfloor?

El Cerrito Subfloor Installation custom laminate vinyl floor 300x297Not all floor systems require a subfloor to be functional. A concrete floor, for one, is enough to carry its weight. But if you want to have floor covering materials like wood, marble, porcelain tiles, or stone, a subfloor will be necessary. These tiles and planks are not designed to be attached to joists. They are designed to lay on a flat surface that only a well-made subfloor and underlayment can provide.

For heavier floor covering materials like granite stone, a subfloor is crucial to carry the weight. Otherwise, your floors will be prone to easy cracks and unevenness. The importance of a subfloor lies on the rest of your preferred options, such as the style, design, material, shapes, and form you want for your floor. But generally, a subfloor is an automatic upgrade on the strength and longevity of your space.

Floor cover preferences are quite easy to come up with. But it might be intimidating to decide on the specifics of your subfloors since it is not common knowledge for most people. Fortunately, our company will give you all the tools and services you need to construct the subfloor perfect for your place.

Partner with our company for your subfloor installation needs.

Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. is all you need for subfloor installation in El Cerrito. Our floor construction professionals have all the tools, experience, and expertise needed to install your subfloors and provide you with the necessary knowledge to maintain them. We offer the full set of services and tools required in installing subfloors, and we give them at a professional quality and speed, all for the friendliest costs you will find in the floor construction business.

Free Subfloor Installation Consultation

El Cerrito Subfloor Installation floors logo 300x25Not sure if a subfloor installation is the right one for your place? Let’s talk it out. Our experienced and professional floor construction experts in El Cerrito are here to listen to your case, all for free. Your floor goals start with your call!

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