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Port Costa Commercial Tile Installation

Port Costa Commercial Tile Installation Canva White and Black Marble Tiles 300x200Business owners have patronized the use of tile floorings in their commercial property due to their functionality, versatility, and durability even under heavy foot traffic. Every year, manufacturers are working on producing more appealing and practical tile floorings to give businesses a wide array of options. At Bay Area Custom Floors Inc., we provide not only innovative tile products but also tile services such as commercial tile installation.

Commercial tile flooring installation requires more manpower than that of residential, so it is imperative that you hire a flooring service company serving in Port Costa, CA. This will expedite the whole process, and the commercial property will be ready for business operations in just a short amount of time. Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. has a team of installation experts who can accurately affix your commercial tiles unto the finish floor line.

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To give you an idea of how commercial tiles are installed, here are the summarized steps:

Selecting the Right Commercial Tile Flooring

Of course, the first step is to select what commercial tile flooring best suits your needs. Do you need the tile flooring for a store, a mini restaurant, a bookshop, or a manufacturing area? Whatever your application is, it must be crucially considered, along with other important factors such as traffic and use, the durability of the tile, color, style, texture, and even slip, water, and dust resistance.

Working with Your Tile Flooring Company Partner

Once you’ve selected the right commercial tile flooring, you can either hire an installation service from the manufacturer where you purchased the tiles from or get one from another flooring service company if the manufacturer does not offer this kind of service.

At Bay Area Custom Floors Inc., you won’t need to experience the hassle of finding another flooring company that can install your tile floorings. We guarantee the accurate and quick installation of tiles in your commercial property through our expert installers. Once you made a purchase of our tile floorings, you won’t have to worry about the installation.

Preparation of the Floor Surface

For best results, the surface where the commercial tiles will be installed should be clean, dry, and smooth. The installers shall remove anything that might interfere with the installation. If the ground needs to be leveled, they will do so. To cut it short, there must be a clearance underneath, to give way to precise tile installation.

Plotting the Layout

modern tile flooringIt is a more effective strategy to begin plotting the layout at the center so that any residual part of the area can still be filled with even cut tiles. From the center point, the installers will create perfect squares where the commercial tiles will be placed. Again, if the standard size of squares does not fit the portion that’s near the wall, they will use cut tiles to fill in the spaces.

Application of the Adhesive

Technically, the adhesive will serve as the sticking agent between the floor tiles and the surface of the ground. Yet, only an adequate amount of it must be put on the surface. This will be used for thirty (30) minutes. The adhesive will be spread on the grid area that has been prepared in the previous step.

Cutting of Tiles (If Necessary)

The cutting of tiles is necessary only when the floor area cannot be filled with an exact number of whole floor tiles. Most of the time, though, that is not the case. That is why it is recommended that the installers begin plotting the grid lines at the center point of the space. Our Port Costa, CA flooring company has the tools and resources that are required in the installation of commercial tiles, so you won’t need to worry about that as well. The installers will cut the tiles according to the size needed to cover the remaining area of the floor.

Setting the Tile Flooring

After the preparation of the surface, plotting of the layout, application of adhesive, and tile-cutting, then the commercial tiles are now ready to be placed. Just like how the layout is made, the placement of tiles will also begin at the center point. Carefully, the installers will position each tile with accuracy and steadiness.

Grouting of Joints

The last step is the grouting of joints. The installers will fill the joints with grout so that the vacant spaces in between the tiles are covered as well. The grout also acts as a sealing agent that makes the commercial tiles a lot more firm on their position. Once the grout has set for around 20 minutes, the installers will then remove any residue on the tile surface to make them neat and presentable.

Finding the Right Flooring Company

Port Costa Commercial Tile Installation floors logo 300x25The best interior project is done between a good client and the right flooring company. Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. offers complete and promising flooring products and services that include tiles and installation services. Our Port Costa flooring company will make sure that every step of the commercial tile installation is handled with the utmost care by skilled and experienced installers.

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