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Hercules Stone Tile Flooring

Hercules Stone Tile Flooring custom herringbone tile floor 300x201Are you looking for a natural, strong look for your space? Stone tile flooring is the right one for you.

Stone screams sophistication and strength. In the flooring business, stone slabs are held as one of the best materials to achieve an elegant, natural, and earthy look. It has many types that offer different functions and looks for your home or business locations. Stone can be rough or smooth, hard or soft, dark or bright, and heavy or light. This variety of stone as a flooring material can give you a comfortable time in choosing which stone would be best for your place.

With the wide range of benefits that stone floors can give come a few complexities in handling it. For example, some stones can be too heavy for a substandard subfloor. Some stones can be more prone to stains and cracks. Some stones can be hard or too soft. Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t worry, with our flooring company in Hercules, all your stone tile flooring needs will be handled professionally. Our floor installation experts will be there for you from the consultation up until the repair and maintenance. Our fast, high-quality, and budget-friendly floor construction services are all you need.

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What Stones Can Bring To Your Home

Stone tile floors have various functional and aesthetic advantages, but how much of each property you want can be determined by the type of stone you choose. In the flooring business, there are various kinds of stone material. Here are the most common ones, with marble aside.


Slate is generally considered to resist stains and wear better among the other stone tile flooring types. It usually comes with dark earth tones and wave patterns that give a generally modern feel. Slate normally has uneven surfaces, so if you’re into floors with high friction that prevents slipping, slate is the one for you.


Travertine is one of the softer stone types. Despite being a stone type material, travertine is known to have a more comfortable feeling to the feet as a floor surface. It offers a clean and orderly look similar to marble. So if you want to have the elegance of marble without the hardness, travertine can be your thing.


Hercules Stone Tile Flooring Canva null 1 300x200Granite is known for being tough and notably heavy. It is regarded as one of the most durable stone tile materials. It can come with various colors and patterns from black to white and earthy tones, but it generally has a grainy look. Granite is smooth on the surface and is, therefore, a commonly used material in kitchens.

Stone tile flooring has different types that have very distinct properties from each other. Some have excellent benefits but come with disadvantages. For example, granite is the stronger type, but its heaviness can be a problem if your subfloor is not properly done. Travertine may be the more comfortable choice, but without the proper finish, it can be too susceptible to damage. Not to mention, stone comes with a wide variety of styles and designs.

These subtle differences can be easily and excellently dealt with by partnering with professional floor workers. Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. is your one-stop full-service company for all your floor needs. We have all the experience, expertise, and tools to help you decide and obtain your stone tile flooring dreams. Let’s start with a couple of reasons why stone is an excellent material for your floors.

Stone gives one of the best natural looks.

Stone floor tiles bring the pure and authentic design of natural rocks to your space. This aesthetic is brought by two main facts of most natural products used as flooring materials: they are eco-friendly and are singularly unique.

In contrast with artificially created materials, such as linoleum and vinyl, producing stone tiles as flooring materials doesn’t release significant amounts of ecologically hostile by-products to the environment. This makes stone one of the best materials to pull off an “untouched environment” kind of look. Stone is typically one of the more superior products of environmentally conscious people.

Another reason why stone looks so beautifully natural is that no two cuts of stone have the same patterns and colors. If you choose to put stone tiles on your floor, it will be the only thing in the world that has that particular design. So make sure to select a pattern, color, style, and shape that would satisfy your aesthetic needs the most.

Stone has a variety of functional properties to choose from.

herringbone stone tile flooringAre you looking for a dark and rough natural look? A smooth, white, and minimalist aesthetic? Or perhaps you prefer a sandy summer vibe that works even in the kitchen? Because stone as a flooring material includes various kinds of natural rocks, all your functional preferences can be easily accommodated.

Granite tends to last the longest. Travertine offers the most comfort for the feet. Slate offers friction for your floors and resistance to stains from your spilled milk. All stone materials are generally more durable than most flooring products. All are easy to clean and do not attract too much dust and allergens. Not to mention, each stone offers a different look that can cater to your aesthetic needs. Our flooring company professionals can give you all the experience, knowledge, and advice you need in deciding which stone material to put on your floors.

Bay Area Custom Floors Inc. can handle all your stone tile flooring needs!

Our flooring company in Hercules, CA offers the highest standards of professional floor construction. We provide all the services you will need in getting your dream stone floors, from consultation and installation to the finishing touches and even maintenance and repair. Previous witnesses to our service will prove that our business is fast, professional, high-quality, and budget-friendly. We can’t wait to be your floor company!

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