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Contra Costa Residential Tile Flooring

Contra Costa Residential Tile Flooring tile flooring segment 300x199Over the years, residential floorings have evolved from one trend to another. This 2020, people are buzzing about the realistic look that manufacturers are trying to achieve in producing new tiles. You can now purchase tiles that look like real wood or stone. Contemporary tiles with detailed textures and distinct colors are considered the hottest trend in the flooring market today.

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Let’s take a look at the residential tile floorings that are popular right now.

Wood-Look Floor Tiles

When you ask someone what kind of flooring he’d like to have in his home, there is a huge chance that he’ll say wood. Wood is just one of the top choices among homeowners because of its sophisticated and natural look. Using real wood as a flooring material can be more expensive, though, so tile flooring companies did their consumers a favor—they made a wood look in the floor tiles that they offer.

There are three (3) main textures of wood that are preferred by consumers. These are wire-brushed, distressed, and hand-scraped. In a wire-brushed wood texture, the heartwood or center of a tree is exposed through fine wire scratches. In a distressed wood look tile, you can see knots, burns, and a lot of wear and tear on the wood apart from mere scrapes. Meanwhile, in a hand-scraped texture, a more rustic look that appears handcrafted is featured. The ingrained scrapes are longer, and varying in each plank.

Natural Stone-Look Floor Tiles

Natural stone-look in floor tiles is not something new. Yet, with the influx of patrons, this flooring type has been more popular than ever. In a residential property, natural stone-look tiles are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. They create a nature-like ambiance inside your home.

Marble-Look Floor Tiles

For a long time, marble has been a primary material used in home interior designs. Although people say it has already gone out of style, for others, it remains a classic building material today. If you’re that type of person, then maybe marble look floor tiles are for you! Typically, these tiles are used in living or dining areas.

Concrete-Look Floor Tiles

Contra Costa Residential Tile Flooring backsplash floor tile install 300x154Undeniably, the concrete look in floor tiles has made its way to the trend list. It’s not only widely used in offices or restaurants; it also gives a new sense of contemporary interior design inside many homes. Concrete-look floor tiles provide an industrial look in a modern way. This is cool! Home designers think that this concrete look is suited for a bachelor’s pad or any personal apartment, while the wood-look tiles are perfect for your family home.

Fabric-Look Floor Tiles

Who would think that fabric-look floor tiles are a thing? But yes, they are! People who are in love with fabrics, especially carpets and the like, have gone head over heels with fabric-look tile flooring as well. Soft-surface flooring is already trendy now, so manufacturers are making replicas of silk, linen, and other fabric textures that can be installed on your sturdy floors.

The fabric-look floor tiles are indeed soft and sophisticated in appearance, offering a cozy, elegant, and luxurious feel than that of the marble look. In addition to that, these are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Metallic-Look Floor Tiles

The metallic look is no longer only for bars and clubs; they are now popular in tile floorings for homes. They are exceptionally used in bathroom floors as well as in accent walls today. These tiles create a futuristic and science-fictional feel.

Color Trends in Tile Flooring

Aside from design and style trends, color trends are also something you might need to consider when choosing the right tile flooring for your home. Last 2018, color trends were much extreme in shade. They were either dark shades or light shades. The only thing that has kept surviving in the market over the years is the color gray. They say it’s a special neutral color that is timeless.

Fast forward to 2020; the ultra-intense hues are still present. But, warmer colors are also making it right in place. Tile flooring color trends today range from white-washed wood-look, gray, traditional white, blonde wood-look, warm-toned, neutral colors, bold colors, finish-look, and many others.

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